How to place order in Sheaffer lashes

From Sheaffer Lashes mink lash vendors,

you can not only  purchase great quality eyelashes 

and beautiful custom lash packaging boxes at the same time.

《do you suggest that i should sell my eyelashes with the  greatest profit》

One order solves all the requirements of your brand eyelash business.

The key is fast and efficient, 8 days to make the box, 6 days ups shipping,

you can get your order after 2 weeks of payment. 

Sheaffer Lashes is a legal company

and has helped thousands of customers successfully

establish their own eyelash line.

Just rest assured to place an order.

First you need to choose a popular mink eyelash packaging box

you need to provide your brand picture and social information,

and pay a deposit of $ 30.

The designer of Opal will soon help you design a sample of your custom box.

You agree that after paying the balance, you can arrange a box for you to print.

Then you need to choose your favorite 3D mink lashes,

Sheaffer Lashes supply 4 types of mink lashes with different length,

every length has different styles, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm lashes, 

no matter what length you want to promote, you can get from them!

We has 16mm classic eyelashes.

Here you can choose natural styles,

Boojie styles and short short volume styles. 

which are of medium and short length.

Most of them are WISPY styles,

with various CURLY levels.

we also provides very popular 25mm lashes,


taking into account the extension of natural models and large curls

we also provides 22mm eyelashes to customers who like long eyelashes,

but not extremely long eyelashes

Are you ready?!

Click to order Eyelashes and boxes on Whatapp with Us

Contact us on Ins: Sheaffer Lashes

Whatsapp: +8613121930772


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