Frequently Ask Questions For Eyelash Packaging Solutions


Q1. What is  cheapest eyelash package with private label?

R:This is our lowest price box, but he is very popular, only 1 dollar for 1 pcs. We have a lot of color background paper, gold/red/pink glitter, etc.

Q2. Is there a MOQ? 

R.This style box don’t have MOQ

Q3. How can I add my logo on the box? 

R.We can do stickers and paste it in the middle of the box, which is very beautiful. Very popular.

Q4. How long can I customize? 

R. There will be different delivery times depending on the quantity you order. If you customize this plastic box, usually we can send it within three days.

Frequently Ask Questions For Luxury Eyelash Packaging

Q5. How many eyelash box models do you have?

R. We have so many style box almost 62 styles eyelash packaging.


Q6. Do you custom samples packaging boxes?

R. We can’t produce sample custom boxes with your logo. But don’t worry, we have a team of professional designers. After you buy, we can design a simulation map for you. After you confirm, we will start production again.

Q7. How many is MOQ to customize the eyelash packaging box?

R. Custom lashes packaging with your logo MOQ is only LOWEST pcs !!!!Amazing!!! Unbelievable!!!

Q8. What is the price? 

R.Custom lashes packaging with your logo only $2.5 for one and more boxes more cheaper!!!

Q9. How long does it take to customize the eyelash packaging box?

R.Design logo only need 1 days and produce time is only need 3 days

Q10. How long does it take to ship to the US? 

R.Shipping time is only 3-5 days to US

Q11. What is the shipping price?

R.$30 for 30-40 pieces, $40 for 40-60 pieces, $55 for 60-100 pieces

Q12. How to done payment?

R.PayPal /West Union

Q13. I don’t like your sample. I have my favorite eyelash box mode and LOGO. How to customize it?

R. We can also do custom lashes packaging box outside the catalog

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