False Eyelash Apply Tips for beginners


Makeup beginners must care about every day how to

draw the eye makeup lips and so on, so how to make-up?

What is the beginner nude make-up skills?

When you think the eyelashes are not long enough,

even the mascara can’t be brushed up,

you have to find a good helper for the false eyelashes,

but how to stick the False Eyelash firmly

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False eyelashes are styling tools, especially when taking pictures, 

false eyelashes will make the eyes more magical and more attractive.

The reason many people refuse false eyelashes is that every time they get the glue,

or the eyelashes are glued to the eyelids…

Here are 6 tips for you to make the false eyelashes easy.

One, correct pruning.custom packaging

False eyelashes are a kind of thing that is too short to wear in the hands and long on the eyes.

The eyelashes in the middle are the longest,

and the sides are short. The average length is between 5 millimeters and 10 millimeters.

If you want a false eyelash to look natural,

the length can’t be exaggerated, and the width is suitable for your eye type.

Measurement of false eyelash length and width is suitable,

if too long, with a small scissors minus some of it.

Remember to keep the original arc when trimming,

otherwise, the neat eyelash looks too fake;

when the width is cut, it should cut the long part of eye and eyetail separately,

not only to cut off the excess part of the head.

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Two. Oil absorption
Oil can make the false eyelashes difficult to fix.

If you are oily, it may be a bit of a problem when you wear it.

Before wearing false eyelashes,

use oil sucking paper to clean the oil on the eyelid,

or sweep a layer of transparent powder on the upper eyelids.

Additional hints: if you want to use false eyelashes,

do not use oil – based makeup remover in order to avoid second rounds of use.

When we are in a hurry to put on false eyelashes,

we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for.

Wait for ten seconds to let the glue stick will make the final effect is not the same.

If you just put up the glue and put on the false eyelashes,

the false eyelashes will run and run, and they can’t be fixed to the place you want to stay.

Four. Look down
Most of us would make the nose in front of the mirror,

think the closer to the mirror will see the clearer. In fact,

it’s not right !It’s the right choice to put a mirror under your face,

it is best to see the vision of eyelashes,

and then put it on, is  very simple,  go back try it.

Are you ready?!

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