Eyelash Vendors Offer Hot Selling 3 Pairs Eyelashes Books Packaging Boxes

Eyelash Vendors Offer Hot Selling 3 Pairs Eyelashes Books Packaging Boxes

Sheaffer Lashes is a professional 3D Mink Wholesale Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer from China.If you are looking for Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Vendors, we are definitely your best choice!Recently we have launched three new pairs of eyelash boxes to provide customers with more choices.

《where to buy custom eyelash boxes》

custom eyelash packaging boxes with private label

Why are there 3 pairs of Eyelashes Books Packaging Boxes?

To meet your various needs, when you like many types of eyelashes and cannot choose, one eyelash book can put three pairs of eyelashes to solve your problem.custom eyelash packaging usa

custom pink dollar eyelash packaging with your logo

Three pairs of eyelash books are cheaper than customizing a single eyelash box. For the same number of eyelashes, three pairs of boxes are more suitable.

eyelash packaging

water curtain eyelash packaging boxes with private label

We have nearly 150 kinds of packaging boxes for you to choose. The minimum order quantity of the box with your logo is only 30 pieces. Of course, we can also customize it for you according to your requirements.Click here>>>custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging box

custom water curtain eyelash packaging box with window

If you don’t know how to design a very beautiful logo that suits you, please contact us. We have nearly 50 eye pictures and we can help you design the logo for FREE.Click here >>>free design logo fo your eyelash business

wholesale custom eyelash packaging boxwholesale custom eyelash packaging box with private label

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