Why do consumers like to use expensive mink eyelashes?

Why do consumers like to use expensive mink eyelashes?

In the market, people in order to make their eyes more beautiful, so there are many kinds of eyelashes. For example, recently very popular grafted eyelashes. Grafted eyelashes were popular before mink eyelashes did not appear, because planted eyelashes looked more natural than chemical fiber eyelashes on the market. This is the biggest advantage of grafting eyelashes, but with the continuous development of society, the pace of life is faster and faster. It takes too long to graft eyelashes once, which greatly increases the time cost of consumers. In the Internet age, time is the biggest cost, so time cost is the factor you must consider. Grafting eyelashes, it takes at least 1-2 hours at a time. Time cost is too high and too high!

Grafting eyelashes is a simple but complicated process. Grafting eyelashes is to paste a finalized single chemical cilia onto one’s eyelashes. It sounds very convenient and saves the steps of wearing false eyelashes. However, have you considered other shortcomings?

First of all, have you considered your own problems? Grafted eyelashes and their own eyelashes with the metabolism of the human body, from the third day began to fall off, left and right eyes began to be asymmetric, the whole cosmetic grade is lowered. Make your face look bad.

Then, long-term grafting of eyelashes, will oppress their own eyelashes grow upside down or down, a little touch of the eyes will cause pain, tears!

Eye is a very fragile organ, a little foreign body will be very uncomfortable. Can you tolerate long-term eyelash irritation? I suggest you check the harm of the growth of eyelashes on the Internet, so I won’t give you popular science.

Finally, once the eyelashes are grafted, there is only one style. If you want to change your own makeup style, the eyelashes can not be changed at any time. It is not flexible enough.

What’s your original intention to graft eyelashes?

Second kinds of chemical fiber eyelashes, look rigid, eyelash warping without layering, even if there is a sense of hierarchy, but also very dull, chemical fiber eyelash eyelid too hard, with strong pressure on the belt, wearing very uncomfortable, always do not feel blinking, you will not be able to work hard, enjoy life!

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