how to process lash business to your lash customers

how to process lash business to your lash customers?

Eyelash business as a low-cost and high-income business,many people will choose it to earn their first bucket of gold.Many people not only sell their products to customers in stores,but also sell their products on websites.It’s very important to show your product information to customers.The following are important information points to introduce products to customers.

1. Recommend her style to customers.Different types of customers have different eyelash styles.

Only recommend their suitable style for customerscan make customers have the desire to buy. For example,customers with deep eye sockets are more suitable for 22 / 25mm lashes.It makes their eyes look deeper.Customers with shallow eye socket are more suitable for 16 mm / 20 mm eyelashes.Because this length of eyelash will be more natural.

If a client wants to go to a party or party,you can recommend some unique styles for them.Because it will be more suitable for the party atmosphere.

2. Introduce the advantages of the product.

When selling products to customers,be sure to introduce the advantages of your products to them.In particular, you have advantages that other lash vendors do not have,and consumers will compare your advantages.

For example, the times of repeated use,whether there will be hair shedding when cleaning eyelashes,and whether there will be chemical additives in eyelashes.If your product price is higher than other mink lash vendors,but customers will also choose high-quality eyelashes.

3. Introduce product information to customers.

When you decide to sell eyelashes,you must learn more about eyelashes.For example, how to wear eyelashes correctly,how to clean eyelashes correctly,the difference between 100% mink eyelashes and fiber eyelashes,and the sales price of other eyelash vendors on the market.Because professional service is also an important way to keep your customers.

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