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How to launch your own private label mink eyelash line


I love to see our products all over the world while helping others bring their brands to life.

Now, i want to help you get started on your enterpreneurial journey

Finally, the information you need to launch your eyelash business without al the hassle successfully!

custom lash packaging


Launching your eyelash business does not have to be hard!

However, you need to :

Know how to use automation to give your brand consistency

understand which steps to take to get started

Find your ideal customers that are interested in your products

Money-saving tips on how to keep your investment cost low

Eyelash Boss Get Moving Guide includes:

A step by step guide to launch your eyelash brand

Guidance on how to find the buyers that want to purchase from you

Business technical tools that will help you be consistent in marketing your products

Eyelash Boss business essentials to help run your business, including shipping material,weight scales, and much more

Plus, a course that takes you through the guide that will take you from “i don’t know” to confidence in launching your business.

Create a passive income from the beauty product that you love and use everyday!

By the time you finish this guide, you will launch your business in less time than doing it along and start earning sales.

Are you scared?It’s OK. most people afraid, No one understood how important this was to me. I had to leap al  alone, we are born to help you to take the leap and hit the ground running without felling LOST.

Are you ready?!

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