How do you start your eyelash business with $100?

How do you start your eyelash business with $100?

Can you start the eyelash business for $100? You must think it’s crazy.

However, I seriously tell you that this can be done!

Many people think that starting eyelash business requires sufficient funds to start eyelash business. Your idea is wrong!

100 dollars, you can order a lot of products here! And our eyelashes are all the most popular 3D mink eyelashes, and many people ask me not to make chemical ciliary eyelashes, I refused. We only sell the best quality eyelashes, those poor eyelashes will not let your eyelashes business success!

For $100, we can order 25 pairs of 3D DC mink eyelashes in Sheaffer Lashes Eyelash Vendors!!!

Do you want to wholesale custom eyelash packaging box with your own logo? Have you contacted any other eyelash vendors? What’s their minimum order? How long do they last? How much do they charge for printing logos?

Sheaffer Eyelashes – EP customized packaging, the Minimum Order Quantity is only 30, and printing logo on all packages is free!

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There are a lot of videos I share about our eyelashes or customized packaging.

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