Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes

Eyelashes Grow. Something You Need To Know

Eyelashes are one of the features that a woman wants to improve in her appearance. Women have resorted to wearing custom packaging mink fur lashes or putting mascara. We cannot deny that a woman with long and thick lashes is more attractive compared to another who has thin lashes. Long and thick custom packaging mink fur lashes frame the eyes perfectly. This fascination of having long, thick and dark eyelashes is not only a woman’s fancy these days but of men, too.


Genetics play an important role on whether you will have long, thick and dark lashes or short and thin lashes. If your parents have thin lashes it follows that eyelash growth in the family is slow, too. In answer to these demands, the cosmetics industry has introduced color mink fur lashes growth products, which proved to be saleable. Some products fulfill their promise of encouraging the growth of eyelashes; however, some products were also known to have side effects.

Therefore, if you wanted to have long and thick eyelashes, you need to find a product that is capable of motivating eyelash growth without giving you any adverse effects. In the past 20 years or so, specifically in the 60s, women used color mink fur lashes just to make an impression of longer and thicker lashes. Eye mascara was also invented to make the custom packaging mink fur lashes fuller and darker. Manufacturers even created different shades of mascara. Although the use of color mink fur lashes and mascara were able to make women happy, they did not stop searching for ways to have natural-looking long and thick lashes. Custom packaging mink fur lashes were said to have caused the falling and thinning out of lashes. Eye mascara causes smudges and nobody wants to have smears all over her face. It was also said to have caused eye irritation. With this problem, waterproof mascara was created.

Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes
Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes

Further studies were conducted to give women long, thick and dark lashes. This led to the invention of the eyelash growth serum. It has been sold in the market for quite some time to answer the fancy of women for dark, long and thick lashes. Eyelash growth serum was claimed to be the ideal product that induce the growth of lashes naturally. Several brands of eyelash serum were introduced but dissatisfaction surfaced. Adverse effects were discovered particularly for the prescription eyelash growth serum. In spite of the alarming eyelash growth side effects, some women still continue to use color mink fur lashes. Another complaint on these existing eyelash growth products is the length of waiting time before results can be seen. Hence, the clamor for another eyelash growth product still existed. Women wanted a product that would make their lashes to grow realistically for a short period.

The search for a product that will encourage the growth of eyelashes in just a short span of time continues. If you want your lashes to grow naturally, look for a product that is nature-friendly and one that has no side effects. Beware of products that claim to give you long and thick lashes but actually give you problems in the end.

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