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False Eyelash Diary

False Eyelash Diary-China Mink Lashes Factory

commonly stalk false eyelashes
The stalks that support the eyelashes are black.
dvantages: strong, reusable; even light make-up can also have a distinct sense.
Shortcoming: the black stalk is slightly obvious;When you look down, can see the unnatural black lines; the hardness is large and easy to fall down.
Transparent stalk false eyelash
The stalk that supports the eyelashes is a transparent fishing line.
Advantages: it looks natural; it is soft and easy to paste; it can be cut into small segments to use.
Shortcomings: the strength of the eyelashes is weak, Use energetically will easier to get worse, and more transparent,So if you don’t draw eye lines, you eyes don’t have enough spirit
Pasting false eyelashes
More perfect pasting China Mink Lashes Factory
Before you stick the China Mink Lashes Factory, you should finish the eye makeup first! If the eyelashes are too close to the root China Mink Lashes Factory, it’s harder to stick, so don’t start the angle too much

It will be more natural to stick eyelashes after the mascara is painted. Use tweezers when taking false eyelashes, so as not to tear the China Mink Lashes Factory.
(1) A little adhesive glue on the edge of false eyelashes, because both ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be a little more, pay attention to adhesive glue do not stick on the false eyelashes.
(2) Coat a layer of China Mink Lashes Glue Factory along your eyelashes. The length of the eye should be measured before applying the adhesive. If it is too long, you need to trim the false eyelashes. Apply the tweezers to the false eyelashes carefully, and pay attention to the thin and uniform coating. The adhesive force is strongest
when it comes to dry, and it takes about 5 seconds later., When the glue is dry, to hand the China Mink Lashes Factory bends, let it soften. Then, eyes look at the mirror, adjust the angle of false eyelashes and gently press the China Mink Lashes Factory along the China Mink Lashes Factory. Use your hands to about 10 seconds or so,Make your eyelashes and false eyelash knead together.
It is worth noting that adhesive glue is the strongest binding force when it comes to dry, it is transparent on the skin, and the effect is good. If the glue is stuck when it is not dry, the false eyelashes will droop. Again and again several times, the adhesive will become white and have to be covered with an eyeliner.
Dancer’s Makeup: How to Properly Apply China Mink Lashes Factory
A dancer’s makeup does look more professional with China Mink Lashes Factory  because they accentuate the shape of the eye and make the eyes look bigger providing that you don’t go too big with the lashes. I have seen way too many caterpillar lashes being used for dancer’s makeup. The audience does not need to be able to count your upper lashes! We just need to know you have eyes.

So, here is a simplified version of “how to properly apply lashes” for your dancer’s makeup look, and the book to follow a couple of decades from now:
1) Loosen the lashes from the container by peeling them off gently with tweezers.
2) If using a full band of lashes, PLEASE trim or they will be quite uncomfortable to wear. Your dancer’s makeup kit is completed by making sure you carry at least 2 pairs of lashes with you at all times for performances…just in case!
3) Drop a little puddle of eyelash glue on a corner of the opened lash container.
4) Recap the glue.
5) Dip the capped glue top into the little glue puddle and draw a thin line on the eyelash band. If you are using DUO Eyelash Adhesive, a little goes a long way. It is the best eye lash glue on the market and that is why it is the only glue I use whether it is for a competition dancer’s makeup or on a photo shoot.
6) Wait 30 – 40 seconds for the glue to get a little bit sticky
7) Line up the end of the China Mink Lashes Factory with the last natural lashes on the outside corner of the eye.
8) Apply China Mink Lashes Factory to lash line.
9) Hold in place pressing the lashes in and up.
10) Use black, water-resistant mascara to coat and bind your natural lashes to your new false ones.
Please help those in need and pass this information on…you know who they are! A dancer’s makeup look does not need to look clown-ish, garish, or harsh. A dancers makeup look shows off big, beautiful eyes, radiant and healthy skin and a gorgeous smile. A dancer’s makeup look that is polished and professional gives the dancer confidence to go on stage and dance her little heart.


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