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Have you ever had these problems since you started eyelash business?

Have you ever had these problems since you started eyelash business?

Do you know whats the reason?

FIRST  1: Some of our clients have responded that the Mink eyelashes which purchase from previous supplier provide some excellent sample,but when they buy hunderds of eyelashes some annoying problems will appear. Have you meet this problem ?  Why ?

Reason : In order to save costs ,the lash factory procures raw materials with low cost and poor quality,which lead to the same direction of lash tip and truncation.

Second: When clients confirm the sample style and orded big quantity , and Supplier production and shipping it to customer,the customer find the sample products are designed differently from the style which is determined before Moreover,the style of eyelashes in this merchadise are different. Have you meet this problem ?  Why ?

Reason : Owing to save costs,the price of labour costs should be lower.Due to the fact that the North Korea’s labor costs is low,the eyelashes production is not in China,but in the North Korea.The lash is sent to the North Korea for processing.But as a result of lacking of personnel supervision and no uniform standard,different people make different eyelashes in spite of the same sample.

Third: Clinets also find the sample products are designed excellent,while the quality of goods which in large quantities is worse,such as lash slip,lash dissymmetry,band hard,lash tip is cut off,not the same direction betweem lash tip and lash follicles,chemical odor and so on.WHY ?

Reason :In an effort to save costs,the use of bad glue and line will bring about lash slip.At the same time,the bad glue also causes eyelash stem very hard,which will stab users’ eyes.

Reason : Chemical odors are sent out because the use of chemicals for perm in the process of processing 3D effect.Imagine what will happen if our skin contact with those chemicals every day.

Fourth: Date of delivery may be delayed.The agreed delivery date is one month,but actually needs 3 months,which is harmful to clients’ marketing channel.WHY ?

Reason : Delivery time is so long because most eyelashes process is in the North Korea.The raw materials are sent to the North Korea,and are processed in the North Korea.Then semi-finished products will be sent back to China for a long time,Sometimes international political situation is unstable,so that it wil not be shipped for several months.These semi-finished products also need further processing,So the cycle is very long.

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Why do successful eyelash businessmen have their own custom packaging?

Why do successful eyelash businessmen have their own custom packaging?

Do you know a successful eyelash dealer? What did you say when you introduced them?

Would you introduce it like this: “This is Fany Kan, the manager of Sheaffer eyelashes”?

Yes, the name of the Sheaffer brand represents his success. Every successful person has his own label name, just as people usually talk about “the richest man in the world ***”, “the founder of Sheaffer brand”, “the president of ** company”.

Now that eyelashes are almost saturated in the market, eyelashes are like people with the same appearance. How do you tell consumers to distinguish them? At this time, the eyelashes with their own brand are like women with different makeup. In an instant, people will feel those eyelashes with grey heads and dirty faces without brands.

Makeup is of great significance to a woman. Makeup can improve people’s self-confidence. Therefore, the role of brand is very big. Have their own brand, have their own customized packaging, which will increase consumer trust in you. Consumers will think that your product is reliable and your company can be trusted.

Sheaffer Lashes, with its own eyelash factory, has its own designer. Our products are very diverse, with a variety of lengths, various styles of eyelashes, custom packaging, tweezers, glue and so on. We accept small batches of customized packaging, which other wholesalers can not do.

Sheaffer Lahes, wait for you to join!

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Why are our 20MM MINK LASHES in short supply?

As the world’s largest manufacturer of 20MM MINK LASHES. always leads the eyelash fashion in the eyelash industry!

We regularly introduce new products. Each of our products is a perfect product that is repeatedly designed, repeatedly tested, and repeatedly adjusted dozens or even hundreds of times before being introduced to the market!

Each 20MM MINK LASHES has experienced more than 20 processes, from the selection of raw materials, high-tech processing of raw materials, design, production, on-line, glue modulation, shaping… each process is exquisitely crafted to make sure that every product that comes out is perfect!

Sheaffer 20MM MINK LASHES will cause an sensation once it is introduced to the market. Our products are famous for their novel style and natural style.3D mink eyelashes are highly valued by web stars, which instantly leads the market

Sheaffer Mink Eyelash which is 100% handmade, the workers who are cultivated by our painstaking efforts put every eyelash on the design drawings, . Because of the handmade, the amount that comes out every day is limited. Therefore, our eyelashes are in short supply!

When the market demand is extremely strong, please be sure to give us enough time to prepare.The orders we receive and the delivery date we consult, will not allow to be urged.We will arrange all the things according to the order date.Once the workers are emotionally nervous, the products that come out are not perfect Because of the handmade, ! I hope you understand!

Sheaffer lashes., adhering to your success is our success, the difficulties you encounter are our difficulties, we will try our best to create more business opportunities for you! We are collaborators, not competitors! We hope to be your strong backup force and work together with you to create a glorious company!

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Why keep designing new styles?

It’s normal for people to like the new and hate the old.
Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have met the basic living standards and began to pursue spiritual satisfaction. We should have faith, learn more, constantly improve ourselves, keep up with the trend of the times, make up, and give ourselves self-confidence and full of spirit to face work and life in this fiercely competitive society! ___________

But like the new and hate the old is the normal human nature, constantly changing style will bring their own different mood, constantly changing style will attract more people’s attention, thus happier to work and life!

Based on this, we not only pursue the natural lifelike effect of eyelashes, but also constantly innovate the eyelashes style, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or smart. Let consumers always stand in the forefront of fashion, the first time to experience the latest products! Let consumers always stand at the forefront of fashion to show themselves!

Continuously design new styles to meet the needs of each consumer in different occasions. Meeting, party, stage, lecture, walking on the red carpet.. Different occasions need to match different clothes, different makeup, also need different styles of eyelashes to match.

Consumers like fresh, like to try new things at the first time, constantly design new styles, give consumers a different experience at the first time, winners in the Internet era eat all, the first time to get new models can be launched on the Internet, to bring more collections for customer websites, forwarders, sharers.

We hope that we are the most reliable design department for our customers. Mink eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D velvet eyelashes, 25mm mink eyelashes are all designed and developed by us. These all bring great business opportunities to our customers.

Imitation products are lagging behind, after-perception, it is only when the products become popular that they begin to imitate, which virtually loses too many business opportunities, even if the price is cheap, they can not cooperate!
Innovation is our core! Quality is our life!

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How to have a customer base in the false eyelashes market?

Do you envy your peers who have a steady stream of customers?


Do you also want to have a large customer base?


Have you considered the reason why your product won’t sell?


Now, more and more people are doing eyelash business, and consumers are choosing more and more. Faced with all kinds of products, what should you do to let consumers choose your products at a glance?


First of all, your marketing ideas, your marketing concept must keep up with the trend of the times. Now society is developing too fast, and if you progress at a slightly slower pace, you will be eliminated by society.


In 2019, people’s living standards are constantly improving. Now what people pay attention to when they buy things, do you know? Think about it. If you need false eyelashes for makeup, would you choose to wear it comfortably and naturally or rigidly?


I think the answer goes without saying that people would rather spend more money on comfort and delicacy than on cheap and rough ones.


People make up to make themselves more perfect. Can those cheap and inferior false eyelashes do it? In fact, people buy false eyelashes just like people buy bags. People are always crazy about high-quality exquisite bags. They probably won’t look at those inferior bags. What’s more, you want people to buy them?


SHEAFFER eyelashes are made of genuine Siberian mink hair by hand. The quality of the eyelashes is guaranteed and can be reused up to 25 times. And we have our own designer, directly online design your exclusive label, so that your eyelashes more recognizable, cycle after cycle, produce brand effect, there will be more and more customers to contact you.


You want to know what kind of things will have what kind of price, SHEAFFER eyelashes than the market price is higher, but its quality absolutely worthy of its price, have you considered the comprehensive product? Cheap eyelashes are easy to buy, but the quality is poor. Although you spent a little money on them, you can’t use them to add to your makeup. What’s the use? So you paid for a garbage and put it on your dresser!


Is it worth it?


In the huge eyelash market, even if someone wants to buy your eyelashes cheaply, he will never buy the second eyelashes from you. Maybe you made a lot of money from selling cheap eyelashes for the first time. I believe that the second time you sell poor quality false eyelashes, you must get the lesson of complaint and loss of money. People will not be deceived a second time.


If you want to succeed, if you want to have an endless stream of consumers like other eyelash dealers, if you have the ambition to make your brand bigger and better, then contact me! WhatsApp: 008613047561662

mailbox can also be GMAIL:


Of course, you can also pay attention to my YouTube: Sheaffer lashes  to see more videos of me to fully understand my product, and I believe you will love it.


If you have any questions, you can ask me. I’ll be happy to serve you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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Why do consumers like to use expensive mink eyelashes?

In the market, people in order to make their eyes more beautiful, so there are many kinds of eyelashes. For example, recently very popular grafted eyelashes. Grafted eyelashes were popular before mink eyelashes did not appear, because planted eyelashes looked more natural than chemical fiber eyelashes on the market. This is the biggest advantage of grafting eyelashes, but with the continuous development of society, the pace of life is faster and faster. It takes too long to graft eyelashes once, which greatly increases the time cost of consumers. In the Internet age, time is the biggest cost, so time cost is the factor you must consider. Grafting eyelashes, it takes at least 1-2 hours at a time. Time cost is too high and too high!

Grafting eyelashes is a simple but complicated process. Grafting eyelashes is to paste a finalized single chemical cilia onto one’s eyelashes. It sounds very convenient and saves the steps of wearing false eyelashes. However, have you considered other shortcomings?

First of all, have you considered your own problems? Grafted eyelashes and their own eyelashes with the metabolism of the human body, from the third day began to fall off, left and right eyes began to be asymmetric, the whole cosmetic grade is lowered. Make your face look bad.

Then, long-term grafting of eyelashes, will oppress their own eyelashes grow upside down or down, a little touch of the eyes will cause pain, tears!

Eye is a very fragile organ, a little foreign body will be very uncomfortable. Can you tolerate long-term eyelash irritation? I suggest you check the harm of the growth of eyelashes on the Internet, so I won’t give you popular science.

Finally, once the eyelashes are grafted, there is only one style. If you want to change your own makeup style, the eyelashes can not be changed at any time. It is not flexible enough.

What’s your original intention to graft eyelashes?


Second kinds of chemical fiber eyelashes, look rigid, eyelash warping without layering, even if there is a sense of hierarchy, but also very dull, chemical fiber eyelash eyelid too hard, with strong pressure on the belt, wearing very uncomfortable, always do not feel blinking, you will not be able to work hard, enjoy life!


Qingdao SHEAFFER is the world’s largest mink hair supplier (keywords). The mink hair chosen is natural animal hair, CRUETY FREE, which is intelligent. SHEAFFER mink eyelashes are natural, delicate workmanship, elegant and natural, according to different occasions, different makeup to change mink hair style at will, or natural, or sexy… Although more expensive, but can continue to use up to 20-25 times. To see more styles, please click

Qingdao SHEAFFER eyelashes adhering to quality is our life!

We will treat our products like babies, we will cherish the quality of our products like birds cherish feathers!


witing for you 

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How can you make your eyelash business go smoothly?

Why hasn’t your eyelash business been successful?

Why do you encounter so many troubles in your eyelash business?

Why did you fail in your eyelash business?

How can you make your eyelash business go smoothly?

Why are the eyelashes you sell to your customers required to be returned?

Why do you order eyelashes in different styles every time?

Why do you always like high quality eyelashes and low quality prices?

Why did your eyelash customers lose their eyelashes because of the low quality goods you sent?

Why don’t quality eyelashes be given to customers for free?

Why do customers like to buy high quality eyelashes?

What is the quality trend of eyelashes now?

The problem with mink eyelashes wholesale customers is that the quality of eyelashes and eyelashes samples in large quantities is seriously unstable. Samples are good quality eyelashes for customers, but the quality of eyelashes is uneven when large quantities of goods are actually shipped. The second problem is that the delivery time is unstable. The wholesaler guarantees the customer a few days’delivery time. The customer thinks that he can receive the eyelashes in a few days, so he starts to publicize the eyelashes. In many cases, after a few days, the delivery time arrives, and the wholesaler fails to deliver on time, thus causing the middleman to lose the customer.

Unlike SHEAFFER LASHES, many wholesalers don’t have their own factories, so they don’t have to worry about delivery.

Now let me talk about the problems of middlemen.


Many middlemen do not have the ability to update, customers will feel very backward after seeing the style, so the middlemen lost a lot of opportunities to make money in the market. If you don’t update your customers’styles in time, once new products appear in the market, your customers will soon be lost to other customers with new products. Now the cosmetics industry is booming, our designer OSCAR is constantly studying aesthetics, bold design concept, every new product can become a pop!

In 2012, SHEAFFER LASSHES proposed mink false eyelashes, which made consumers all over the world refreshed and began to fully re-recognize the beauty of false eyelashes. This period is the germination period of mink eyelashes, and consumers began to recognize mink eyelashes.


In 2013, OSCAR developed 3-D mink false eyelashes. Because of the distinct hierarchical sense, consumers all over the world redefined the beauty of false eyelashes again, changing the drawback that the original false eyelashes have only one curvature (BCDJ song). It is exaggerated, realistic and natural that 3-D mink false eyelashes are popular all over the world today. (


In October 2018, our designer boldly innovated again, increasing the length of 3D false eyelashes from 13-16 mm to 20-25 mm, which once again set off a worldwide consumption boom.




Consumers all over the world are redefining their eyelashes because of our Designers’bold innovations and reforms. Our partners are also enjoying the unlimited business opportunities brought about by each innovation.


Low-quality products on the market do not have innovative styles, they will only reduce the quality to the lowest, with low prices to compete in the market. Low quality eyelashes are sure to fade!


Now e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products, as everyone knows, the products that really make money are always quality products – Sheaffer lashes (http://www.sheaffer


Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. Beauty is to the extreme. If beauty is not perfect, unnatural and imperfect, what makeup should be painted? Would it be better not to make up? That’s why there’s a misconception between suppliers and consumers, and that’s why you’re losing customers.


Consumers find good product quality eyelashes, consumers are not afraid to spend money, willing to consume as long as I feel good, the middleman will know low prices, low prices and low prices, and ultimately in the competition of low prices and low quality next bankruptcy!


Dear customers, can you understand? There are deviations between consumers and middlemen. Consumers of high grade, the concept of middlemen can not keep up with the concept of consumers, consumers feel high eyelash prices, middlemen really think that the price problem, in fact, consumers are willing to do better things.


We all know that SHEAFFER eyelashes are of good quality, so many colleagues begin to imitate our style, but because they have no technology, imitation products can only imitate the approximate, product quality control is not good, there are many suppliers to use our pictures to publicize to customers, the actual goods to provide inferior products, there are many customers to communicate with us from other suppliers where to buy, he Their eyelashes are cheap in price, cheap in quality and long in delivery. After they are sold, they are complained by consumers and earn less money than compensation. Later, some middlemen came to our website from GOOGLE and ordered 200 pairs at first, 3000 pairs in one week and 5000 pairs in the second week.


Why can they place such a large order at once?


SHEAFFER mink eyelashes are made from Siberian minks without cruelty, so the processed mink eyelashes are very comfortable and natural to wear, no oppression on the eyelids, and very soft to touch. The middleman sells to the customer, the customer knows that your eyelashes feel good after using, the customer introduces each other, passes on ten, then you will have an endless stream of customers to buy your eyelashes.


Finally, to eyelash middlemen:


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have met the basic living standards and began to pursue spiritual satisfaction. It’s our duty to bring you something beautiful. Introduce SHEAFFER eyelashes to others!


So, if you want to have a lot of customers, you can contact me.


WHATSAPP: 008613047561662




I often follow new videos on SHEAFFER eyelashes on YouTube


Subscribe to Fanny Kan, pay attention to the latest development of SHEAFFER eyelashes, and keep customers in their hands!


Instagram name: sheafferlashes




Expect you


Fanny Kan

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The prevalence of our eyelashes

Qingdao SheafferLash The production of 3D mink hair false eyelashes, elegant modeling, realistic and natural, Eyeliner soft and durable, fashionable and fashionable.
OSCAR, our designer, is constantly researching aesthetics and has bold design ideas. Every new product that comes out can become a blockbuster!
In 2012, mink false eyelashes were proposed, which made consumers all over the world refreshed and began to fully re-recognize the beauty of false eyelashes. This period is the germination period of mink eyelashes, and consumers began to recognize mink eyelashes.
The 3-D mink false eyelashes developed in 2013 re-defined the beauty of false eyelashes by consumers all over the world because of their distinct layers. It changed the disadvantage that the original false eyelashes have only one curvature (BCDJ song). It is exaggerated, realistic, natural, and 3-D mink false eyelashes are popular all over the world today.
In October 2018, our designer boldly innovated again, increasing the length of 3D false eyelashes from 13-16 mm to 20-25 mm, which once again set off a worldwide consumption boom.
Consumers all over the world are redefining their eyelashes because of our Designers’bold innovations and reforms. Our partners are also enjoying the unlimited business opportunities brought about by each innovation.
At the same time, many peers have begun to imitate our style, but without technology, imitation products can only imitate approximate, and never imitate the essence of beauty, product quality is not well controlled, many suppliers use our pictures to publicize to customers, the actual goods provide defective products, and many customers communicate with us where to buy from other suppliers, their goods are convenient. Suitable, the quality is not good, the delivery time is slow, and consumers complain that the money earned is not enough to compensate, the heart is more than enough but the strength is insufficient. Later, we found our website from GOOGLE, and ordered 200 pairs at first, after a week, ordered 3000 pairs, and the second week ordered 5000 pairs. Do you think it is not popular? Best seller not best seller? Let customers always have the best-selling products in their hands.
Sheaffer eyelashes, make your beauty unique!

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Learn How You Can Restore Your Thick, Full Lashes!

Thick beautiful eyelashes are like putting a frame on a picture and have been a hallmark of beauty since time immemorial. With age, however many women experience thinning, brittle lashes and a less than perfect lash line. Learn how you can restore your thick, full lashes!



First, rule out any underlying medical problems. These can be allergies to makeup, an under active thyroid, autoimmune disorders, chemotherapy, malnutrition, or certain diseases. Check with your doctor to make sure that there are no health issues or medications that could be  causing the problem.

With the exception of medical issues where certain medications are the cause of eyelashes loss, it is often caused by a few easily rectified problems: going to bed without removing your eye-makeup and mascara, using eye-makeup you are allergic to, the involuntary act of pulling on your lashes.


Waterproof mascara is notoriously difficult to remove. Left on overnight, mascara can cause eyelashes loss due to damage caused by involuntarily rubbing of the eyes. To prevent this use a gentle, oil free eye makeup remover. Apply on a cotton pad and hold it over the lashes for a few seconds before gently sweeping the makeup off. You may need to apply the remover a couple of times if you applied several coats of mascara in the morning. Be careful not to tug or pull at the lashes. Next cleanse your face as you normally would.

If you have a sensitivity to particular eye-makeup product you will probably notice a burning or itching after it has been applied. It may not happen right away so sometimes it can be a challenge to identify which item it is. If possible stop using anything on your eyes until the redness and itching goes away. Then use one product to check for sensitivity. If it seems fine, add one more product the next day repeating the process until you identify the product you are sensitive to. Eliminate that particular item from your daily routine and your eyelashes growth should improve.

A medication for the treatment of glaucoma, OLAY, may slowly increase growth and thickness of eyelashes however there are other side effects may make it an undesirable solution. This drug can cause permanent darkening of eye color as well as darkening of the eyelid and lashes, burning and stinging, eye redness and blurred vision

Once the cause for the eyelashes loss is identified and solved, your lashes will start growing back. In six months you can expect a noticeable difference. Until that happens, you can use eyeliner and false eyelashes to create the appearance of thicker lashes.

For more free expert advice and to find out how to purchase one of the best selling eye makeup removers on the market, go to Dale Kathryn Grove is an entrepreneur and social media enthusiast.

To register for our FREE ezine, please click here.

We are the 3D mink Lashes factory from China, we’ll come your inquiry whatsapp:+8618253206339

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Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes

Eyelashes Grow. Something You Need To Know

Eyelashes are one of the features that a woman wants to improve in her appearance. Women have resorted to wearing custom packaging mink fur lashes or putting mascara. We cannot deny that a woman with long and thick lashes is more attractive compared to another who has thin lashes. Long and thick custom packaging mink fur lashes frame the eyes perfectly. This fascination of having long, thick and dark eyelashes is not only a woman’s fancy these days but of men, too.

Genetics play an important role on whether you will have long, thick and dark lashes or short and thin lashes. If your parents have thin lashes it follows that eyelash growth in the family is slow, too. In answer to these demands, the cosmetics industry has introduced color mink fur lashes growth products, which proved to be saleable. Some products fulfill their promise of encouraging the growth of eyelashes; however, some products were also known to have side effects.

Therefore, if you wanted to have long and thick eyelashes, you need to find a product that is capable of motivating eyelash growth without giving you any adverse effects. In the past 20 years or so, specifically in the 60s, women used color mink fur lashes just to make an impression of longer and thicker lashes. Eye mascara was also invented to make the custom packaging mink fur lashes fuller and darker. Manufacturers even created different shades of mascara. Although the use of color mink fur lashes and mascara were able to make women happy, they did not stop searching for ways to have natural-looking long and thick lashes. Custom packaging mink fur lashes were said to have caused the falling and thinning out of lashes. Eye mascara causes smudges and nobody wants to have smears all over her face. It was also said to have caused eye irritation. With this problem, waterproof mascara was created.

Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes
Custom Packaging Mink Fur Lashes

Further studies were conducted to give women long, thick and dark lashes. This led to the invention of the eyelash growth serum. It has been sold in the market for quite some time to answer the fancy of women for dark, long and thick lashes. Eyelash growth serum was claimed to be the ideal product that induce the growth of lashes naturally. Several brands of eyelash serum were introduced but dissatisfaction surfaced. Adverse effects were discovered particularly for the prescription eyelash growth serum. In spite of the alarming eyelash growth side effects, some women still continue to use color mink fur lashes. Another complaint on these existing eyelash growth products is the length of waiting time before results can be seen. Hence, the clamor for another eyelash growth product still existed. Women wanted a product that would make their lashes to grow realistically for a short period.

The search for a product that will encourage the growth of eyelashes in just a short span of time continues. If you want your lashes to grow naturally, look for a product that is nature-friendly and one that has no side effects. Beware of products that claim to give you long and thick lashes but actually give you problems in the end.

Want to find out more about eyelash growth, then visit Speedlash Growth Serum for long thick eyelashes.