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How to introduce your products to your customers?

Eyelash business as a low-cost and high-income business,

many people will choose it to earn their first bucket of gold.

Many people not only sell their products to customers in stores,

but also sell their products on websites.

It’s very important to show your product information to customers.

The following are important information points to introduce products to customers.

1. Recommend her style to customers.

Different types of customers have different eyelash styles.

Only recommend their suitable style for customers

can make customers have the desire to buy. For example,

customers with deep eye sockets are more suitable for 22 / 25mm lashes.

It makes their eyes look deeper.

Customers with shallow eye socket are more suitable for 16 mm / 20 mm eyelashes.

Because this length of eyelash will be more natural.

If a client wants to go to a party or party,

you can recommend some unique styles for them.

Because it will be more suitable for the party atmosphere.

2. Introduce the advantages of the product.

When selling products to customers,

be sure to introduce the advantages of your products to them.

In particular, you have advantages that other lash vendors do not have,

and consumers will compare your advantages.

For example, the times of repeated use,

whether there will be hair shedding when cleaning eyelashes,

and whether there will be chemical additives in eyelashes.

If your product price is higher than other mink lash vendors,

but customers will also choose high-quality eyelashes.

3. Introduce product information to customers.

When you decide to sell eyelashes,

you must learn more about eyelashes.

For example, how to wear eyelashes correctly,

how to clean eyelashes correctly,

the difference between 100% mink eyelashes and fiber eyelashes,

and the sales price of other eyelash vendors on the market.

Because professional service is also an important way to keep your customers.

Are you ready?!

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How to place order in Sheaffer lashes

From Sheaffer Lashes mink lash vendors,

you can not only  purchase great quality eyelashes 

and beautiful custom lash packaging boxes at the same time.

One order solves all the requirements of your brand eyelash business.

The key is fast and efficient, 8 days to make the box, 6 days ups shipping,

you can get your order after 2 weeks of payment. 

Sheaffer Lashes is a legal company

and has helped thousands of customers successfully

establish their own eyelash line.

Just rest assured to place an order.

First you need to choose a popular mink eyelash packaging box

you need to provide your brand picture and social information,

and pay a deposit of $ 30.

The designer of Opal will soon help you design a sample of your custom box.

You agree that after paying the balance, you can arrange a box for you to print.

Then you need to choose your favorite 3D mink lashes,

Sheaffer Lashes supply 4 types of mink lashes with different length,

every length has different styles, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm lashes, 

no matter what length you want to promote, you can get from them!

We has 16mm classic eyelashes.

Here you can choose natural styles,

Boojie styles and short short volume styles. 

which are of medium and short length.

Most of them are WISPY styles,

with various CURLY levels.

we also provides very popular 25mm lashes,


taking into account the extension of natural models and large curls

we also provides 22mm eyelashes to customers who like long eyelashes,

but not extremely long eyelashes

Are you ready?!

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What is The Best Mink lashes ,How to distinguish it ?

we always told our customer how to distinguish the mink eyelashes with four tips to tell them apart.And most of them said,that was be easy and efficient way for distinguish the best mink lashes.So only if you can distinguish the bad mink lashesand the best mink lashes you can really know the best features of the mink fur eyelashes.

NO. 1 Mink lashes Raw Material

If you want to order the best mink lashes ,you should make sure the material is the best mink fur.What is the best mink fur ?The best mink fur must come for the tail of the young mink which is long ,soft and fluffy.All our lashes mink fur are selected by our skilled workers,all the mink fur are pasteurized to make a safe eyelash,so our eyelashes have no irritation and sensitive people and pregnant women can wear them with confidence.

NO. 2 Mink lashes Band.

Make sure what is the band made of ?This is the core of comfort,if your vendor use bad materials to save cost of the mink eyelashes,that will bring bad consumer experience.And all the material is test many times by our skills worker to make a perfect shape and experience.

So if your client says they feel uncomfortable

wearing your lashes or their eyes are tired ,you should ask your Wholesale IndividualMink Lashes Manufacturer change the material of the band.Otherwise , you will lose your customer at last.That is the fact.

NO. 3 Mink lashes Band Glue.Make sure your lashes glue are the best glue which do no harm to your skin.And make sure the glue has a moderate viscosity.

NO. 4 Mink lashes Style.

You should test your lases style in your market,and most Lashes Vendor don’t test market,and we have our market team to make sure all the lasheswe pushed on the market will satisfy the demand of the customer.So our lashes are all the hot one and we focus on the best seller and the luxury lashes to make sure the mainstream likes our eyelashes.

NO. 5 Mink lashes Price

Most 3D Mink lashes vendors don’t consider the retail price and profit margins of their partners ,On the contrary , when they saw their partner’s website and retail price,they feel unhappy. And when you make the next order ,they’re going to raise prices .It would be very unwise to do that,and they don’t even know the cost of their partner’s Marketing costs,personnel costs.

For us, that is a good thing that our customer sales a good price,and we are happy to hear our partner make more and more profits from the business with our luxury lashes.

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False Eyelash Apply Tips for beginners


Makeup beginners must care about every day how to

draw the eye makeup lips and so on, so how to make-up?

What is the beginner nude make-up skills?

When you think the eyelashes are not long enough,

even the mascara can’t be brushed up,

you have to find a good helper for the false eyelashes,

but how to stick the False Eyelash firmly

mink lashes vendor


False eyelashes are styling tools, especially when taking pictures, 

false eyelashes will make the eyes more magical and more attractive.

The reason many people refuse false eyelashes is that every time they get the glue,

or the eyelashes are glued to the eyelids…

Here are 6 tips for you to make the false eyelashes easy.

One, correct pruning.custom packaging

False eyelashes are a kind of thing that is too short to wear in the hands and long on the eyes.

The eyelashes in the middle are the longest,

and the sides are short. The average length is between 5 millimeters and 10 millimeters.

If you want a false eyelash to look natural,

the length can’t be exaggerated, and the width is suitable for your eye type.

Measurement of false eyelash length and width is suitable,

if too long, with a small scissors minus some of it.

Remember to keep the original arc when trimming,

otherwise, the neat eyelash looks too fake;

when the width is cut, it should cut the long part of eye and eyetail separately,

not only to cut off the excess part of the head.

mink lash vendors

Two. Oil absorption
Oil can make the false eyelashes difficult to fix.

If you are oily, it may be a bit of a problem when you wear it.

Before wearing false eyelashes,

use oil sucking paper to clean the oil on the eyelid,

or sweep a layer of transparent powder on the upper eyelids.

Additional hints: if you want to use false eyelashes,

do not use oil – based makeup remover in order to avoid second rounds of use.

When we are in a hurry to put on false eyelashes,

we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for.

Wait for ten seconds to let the glue stick will make the final effect is not the same.

If you just put up the glue and put on the false eyelashes,

the false eyelashes will run and run, and they can’t be fixed to the place you want to stay.

Four. Look down
Most of us would make the nose in front of the mirror,

think the closer to the mirror will see the clearer. In fact,

it’s not right !It’s the right choice to put a mirror under your face,

it is best to see the vision of eyelashes,

and then put it on, is  very simple,  go back try it.

Are you ready?!

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Why Are High Quality Mink Lashes Selling Better Than Low Quality Mink Lashes?

Nowadays, the problem with customers who wholesale mink lashes is that

the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable.

Give customers a good sample while the quality of large goods is uneven.

The delivery period is unstable.

When customers publicize the mink eyelashes after the guaranteed delivery date.

But the delivery cannot be delivered on time and the customer is lost.

eyelash vendors lash vendors

Without the ability to update,

the customer’s feelings about the style are always lagging behind,

losing a lot of opportunities to make money in the market.


You don’t update the eyelashes style in time.

Once the new product appears in the market,

your customer will soon be lost and turn to the others who have new products.

custom lash packagingb

The low-quality products don’t have innovative styles.

They just make the lowest quality and pull the price down to compete.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale eyelash vendors mink lashes vendor

Now that e-commerce is so popular,

everyone knows what is the good products and the bad products.

The products that really make money are always quality products.

mink lash vendors wholesale mink lashes

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards.

The beauty is the ultimate.

what else does it paint if the beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, and imperfect?

Isn’t it better to not make up?

This is the current deviation between vendors and consumers,

which is the source of you loss your customers.

eyelash vendors wholesale mink eyelash vendors

Consumers are looking for good quality eyelashes and are not afraid to spend money.

What they really want is a high quality good. 

The middlemen only know  low prices,

so that low prices with low quality will eventually collapse!

Dear customers,do you understand?

There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy.

The higher consumption consumers have.

the bigger difference middlemen cannot keep up with.

When consumers say that the price is high,

the middlemen do really think that the price is wrong.

In fact, consumers are willing to bug good things.

Are you ready?!

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Who is the most Reliable Lash Vender


Thank you for finding us and following us, we are the largest wholesale mink lashes in China
You will find the trace of our company on some large international social platforms, because we already have a very large scale and influence


For example, you can search on Youtube  Wall, which is mink lashes wholesale biggest label, and then our posts will be ranked first. Not only this. And well, most of the top 10 posts are from our company.You can see how powerful our company is.

At present, there are many scam lash vendors on the market that collect customers’ money but do not ship or send inferior products. So it is really important to find a supplier

especially if you need to find some very well-known reputation The supplier is even more important.And, the most authoritative and most able to prove our company’s credibility and good quality products.

That is, you can search for mink eyelash suppliers on Google, then our ranking is very high, and our website will be on page 1 or 2. Our company’s more than 10 websites have very good rankings.

So eyelash vendors have helped tens of thousands of customers and successfully started their eyelash business. You don’t have to worry about safety. We will give you the most attentive service.


If you are ready to start an alliance business. And if you have no experience, don’t worry that we will help you. We will help you create a complete professional eyelash brand.
You can find us through the What’s up link on the page.

Are you ready?!

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How  To  Have  The  Beautiful  Makeup  By  Wear   Mink  Lashes

It is a dream for every girl to have a beautiful appearance like a doll,

and many people now look more refined through

plastic surgery. Of course, in addition to cosmetic surgery,

we can make our face look flawless by means of make-up

3D mink lashes. This make-up that I  brings to you today makes you look beautiful.

wholesale mink lashes

STEP1: a soft texture along the painted eyebrows eyebrow,

eyebrow color collocation and color as far as possible.

mink lashes vendor

STEP2: the light earth Color Eyeshadow of Yaguang is bottoming in the eye socket.

STEP3: the pale orange eye shadow is dyed in the upper and lower eyelids,

and the specific scope refers to the picture.

Brown eye shadow on the eyelid within the lower eyelid to deepen, eyes location.

lashes glue vendor

STEP4: gently pull up the eyelid and draw a slightly elongated

inner eyeliner with the root of the 3D mink lashes.

lashes vendor

STEP5: the liner began to pull back from the eye head, write to the light,

and the eye tail left blank figure circle so much,

will make the eyes look bigger. Eye shadow Eyeliner below with pale mauve brighten.


STEP6: the golden pen silkworm paste enhanced brighten the effect

under the eyelids to the eyes of the eye head position.


STEP7: stick to a natural eye tail with a long and warped false eyelash

and then brush the mascara to have big eyes like adoll.


The beautiful doll makeup can be made by heart.


Are you ready?!

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Why customers willing to work with us?


Nowadays, many eyelash vendors have begun to grow and develop, and gradually started a lot of eyelash vendors brands, and these years are also very popular. However, do their eyelashes have their own eyelash factories? Actually, they don’t. Many of them also supply eyelashes through Chinese lash vendors.

wholesale mink lashes

wholesale mink lashes

However, the suppliers they choose are also very important. They also need premium mink lash vendors in order to get the customer’s approval and support, in order to continue the customer’s reservation and purchase.

lash vendors wholesale

lash vendors wholesale

But why are there a lot of  eyelash vendors to choose to cooperate with us  to wholesale mink


Reason one:

Our mink lashes are pure otters bristles from the real otters of Siberian, and we are completely harmless to them. There is no cruel killing. We can guarantee this. The leeches we choose are also very soft. The part is comfortable to wear and does not cause any damage to the eyes.

mink eyelash vendors

mink eyelash vendors

Reason two:

Our mink lashes are designed by our own designers according to different people and different occasions. The styles are very good looking and the wearing is natural.

mink lashes wholesale

mink lashes wholesale

Reason three:

Our mink lashes are all made by the workers according to the eyelash design drawings. They are carefully made into eyelashes and several eyelashes. It is very fine and natural. It is not the eyelash style of the machine. It looks noisy and unattractive.

wholesale lash vendors

wholesale lash vendors

Reason four:

Our mink lashes are very natural, and the wearer can naturally deepen the eyes, making the eyes more natural, large and beautiful.

lash vendors

lash vendors

Reason five:

The mink lash stems of our eyelashes are flexible, not hard, and very unnatural.

Reason six:

Wella Lashes’s best service, we provide 24-hour service, sell our best quality eyelash products to you with the most sincere service, give you our personal experience and help you to do your eyelash business.

Are you ready?!

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6 steps to learn how to apply your mink lashes

6 steps to learn how to apply your mink lashes


1. Hold the mink lashes against your lash line to measure the length of your eye.

custom eyelash packaging


2. Trim any part of the mink lash that extends past the outer corner of your eye.

If the mink lash extends past the outer corner it will make your eyes appear droopy

and we do not want that!

Trim the lash to exactly your eye size. 

lashes Glue 

3. Brush on a generous amount of glue along the lash band

focusing more on the inner and outer ends of the lash.

Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying. 


*Pro Tip: When our  Lash Adhesive is ready for application,

it will turn an iridescent color.

This means that the glue is drying and becoming tacky.

When the lash glue is tacky, it will provide a better grip

and the strip won’t slide all over your eyelid.


4. When you are ready to apply your lashes,

look downward in a mirror and apply them using a pair of tweezers. 

Looking down will ensure that your eyelid is showing the most surface

space to get the lashes as close to your lash line.

Looking straight ahead can cover the skin closest

to your lash line and cause you to place the lash too high. 


5. Set the lash band in the middle of your lash line.

Next, secure the outer end of the lash band and save the inner corner for last.

This might take a little time to get everything comfortably in place.

Remember to take your time and be as precise as you can. 


6. TA-DA! You have applied your falsies!

Blink your eyes, look side to side,

up and down making sure nothing is poking you.

If something is bothering you, you can always peel them off and start again. 

Are you ready?!

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                                                   How many of you have ever struggled with applying  eyelashes? 

Even as lash experts,

there are days where we can’t get the inner corner to stick.

Ughh it’s the worst! 

For all you lash beginners,

with a little practice you won’t think twice

about adding falsies to your makeup routine. 

Adding lashes is the cherry on top of every look.

It pulls the entire makeup look together.

Even if you are not wearing a full face of makeup, 

this simple step will take your eyes to the next level.  

Once you master the art of applying false eyelashes,

it’s safe to say your makeup game will forever be strong.

As wholesale lash vender industry leaders,

we put together a simple 6 step guide to help you

on your journey to applying the perfect false lash. 

Before we get started let’s cover some of the basics….

Lash application tools you will need: 

  • Tweezers or lash applicator 

  • eyelash brush 3

We recommend using eyelash tweezers

to help you get closer to your lash line and

maneuver the band to make it the most comfortable for you. 

If tweezers seem too intimidating, feel free to use your fingers! 


Not all eyes are the same size.

So here’s your opportunity to trim your lashes to best fit your eyes. 

Lash adhesive

For glue, this has a brush applicator

that will apply the adhesive with an even amount of coverage.

This is the perfect lash glue to start out with that will conceal any mistakes.

If you make a mistake, don’t stress, it’s easy to gently peel off the lash and reapply it at anytime. 

Your favorite pair of  lashes 

We recommend25mm lashes,

if you are interested in discovering your eye shape check out our Blog 

Are you ready?!

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