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6 steps to learn how to apply your mink lashes

6 steps to learn how to apply your mink lashes


1. Hold the mink lashes against your lash line to measure the length of your eye.

custom eyelash packaging


2. Trim any part of the mink lash that extends past the outer corner of your eye.

If the mink lash extends past the outer corner it will make your eyes appear droopy

and we do not want that!

Trim the lash to exactly your eye size. 

lashes Glue 

3. Brush on a generous amount of glue along the lash band

focusing more on the inner and outer ends of the lash.

Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying. 


*Pro Tip: When our  Lash Adhesive is ready for application,

it will turn an iridescent color.

This means that the glue is drying and becoming tacky.

When the lash glue is tacky, it will provide a better grip

and the strip won’t slide all over your eyelid.


4. When you are ready to apply your lashes,

look downward in a mirror and apply them using a pair of tweezers. 

Looking down will ensure that your eyelid is showing the most surface

space to get the lashes as close to your lash line.

Looking straight ahead can cover the skin closest

to your lash line and cause you to place the lash too high. 


5. Set the lash band in the middle of your lash line.

Next, secure the outer end of the lash band and save the inner corner for last.

This might take a little time to get everything comfortably in place.

Remember to take your time and be as precise as you can. 


6. TA-DA! You have applied your falsies!

Blink your eyes, look side to side,

up and down making sure nothing is poking you.

If something is bothering you, you can always peel them off and start again. 

Are you ready?!

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                                                   How many of you have ever struggled with applying  eyelashes? 

Even as lash experts,

there are days where we can’t get the inner corner to stick.

Ughh it’s the worst! 

For all you lash beginners,

with a little practice you won’t think twice

about adding falsies to your makeup routine. 

Adding lashes is the cherry on top of every look.

It pulls the entire makeup look together.

Even if you are not wearing a full face of makeup, 

this simple step will take your eyes to the next level.  

Once you master the art of applying false eyelashes,

it’s safe to say your makeup game will forever be strong.

As wholesale lash vender industry leaders,

we put together a simple 6 step guide to help you

on your journey to applying the perfect false lash. 

Before we get started let’s cover some of the basics….

Lash application tools you will need: 

  • Tweezers or lash applicator 

  • eyelash brush 3

We recommend using eyelash tweezers

to help you get closer to your lash line and

maneuver the band to make it the most comfortable for you. 

If tweezers seem too intimidating, feel free to use your fingers! 


Not all eyes are the same size.

So here’s your opportunity to trim your lashes to best fit your eyes. 

Lash adhesive

For glue, this has a brush applicator

that will apply the adhesive with an even amount of coverage.

This is the perfect lash glue to start out with that will conceal any mistakes.

If you make a mistake, don’t stress, it’s easy to gently peel off the lash and reapply it at anytime. 

Your favorite pair of  lashes 

We recommend25mm lashes,

if you are interested in discovering your eye shape check out our Blog 

Are you ready?!

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Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles! !

Your vision is different from the customer’s vision, you should choose these styles!

Welcome to SHEAFFERLashes Blog, since we have updated all the eyelash styles, everyone is confused.

Because of so many styles, you don’t know which one to choose for sale good, right?

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box 26

Hahaha, many of my clients have said these wodrs to me :  “You update too fast at once, there are so many eyelashes , I don’t know which one I should to choose, because I don’t know which one is popular in the market. If I choose some style that is not popular, no one will buy my eyelashes at the end, then my eyelash business will fail” ;

Indeed, I think my client‘s thoughts is very reasonable. If you are a person who has just started a false eyelash business, you certainly have no experience in market demand, and your competitors will definitely not tell you what to do. Fortunately, you met me. Today I will give you a detailed account of the most popular styles in each eyelash. This is based on our real market research data.

The first one is the very good quality 25mm 3D Mink lashes . It is undoubtedly everyone knows that the most popular one is DH003. The exaggeration is very natural. Although it is very long, it is not dramatic. Absolutely the most popular of the 13 models; previously sold out of stock often ; our production speed can not keep up with customer demand orders.

Then there is the 20mm 3D Mink lashes called DM series. The most popular models are DM02 and DM05. DM02 and DH003 are very similar, in other words, the conservative version of DH003. The DM05 layering is obvious, and the two are very well recognized. The length is moderate, it is suitable for party.


Next is the 18mm 3D Mink lashes named DS series of common style, the most popular are 3 models, DS13, DS98, DS124, 18mm look very ordinary and natural, they are slightly longer than our own eyelashes, if you are a conservative person, or you want to participate in formal occasions and ask for light makeup, then these 3 are the best recommendations;

Then the 22mm 3D Mink lashes —DN style, the best sales are DN02 and DN06, 22mm style eyelashes are improved on the basis of 20mm models, the only difference is the process, DM can be used about 25 times, and DN It can be used 10-15 times.

The 25mm DL style, like the DY style, they’re 25mm long, but the DL is very exaggerated and very dramatic. If you are a non-mainstream one, then each one is definitely your favorite, the most popular one is DL08, because the DL08 is the most exaggerated, and is the favorite of any lady who likes dramatic eyelashes.

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Make profit with our professional lash line service

Sheafferlashes as the world’s largest manufacturer of eyelash vendors wholesale usa,

wholesale mink lashes and custom eyelash packaging,

always leads the eyelash fashion in the eyelash world!

We regularly launch new products,

and each of our products is the perfect product that is repeatedly designed,

tested, adjusted dozens or even hundreds of times,

and then launched to the market!

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box
wholesale lash vendors

Each 3D mink wholesale lashes has undergone more than 20 processes, from the selection of raw materials, high-tech processing of raw materials, design, production, on-line, glue modulation, and shaping … Each process is carefully crafted to Make sure every product comes out perfect! SHEAFFERLASHES 3D mink wholesale eyelashes will cause a big uproar once it is launched to the market. Our products are famous for their fashionable styles and elegant and natural shapes.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

  eyelash vendors wholesale

SHEAFFER LASHES as  Eyelash vendors,

our Mink eyelashes are 100% handmade.

The workers put each eyelash on the design drawing.

Every worker has cultivated it with our painstaking efforts.

Because it is purely handmade, the amount produced every day is limited.

So our mink eyelashes are in short supply!

eyelash packaging     wholesale lashes

When the market demand is extremely strong,

the purchasing business must give us enough time to prepare.

The orders we receive and the negotiated delivery time will not allow reminders.

We will make proper arrangements according to the order date.

Because it is purely handmade,

once the workers are emotionally nervous,

the product is not perfect!

I hope you understand!

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

              3d mink lashes wholesale

SHEAFFER LASHES, Upholding your success is our success,

and the difficulties you encounter are our difficulties,

and we try our best to create more business opportunities for you!

We are partners, not competitors!

We hope to be your strong backing,

to work with you to create a brilliant company!

Are you ready?!

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Choose the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of false eyelashes

Eye makeup is the most important part of the whole makeup.

Exquisite eye makeup not only gives people a sense of glamour,

but also greatly enhances the overall image and temperament.

wholesale lashes suppliers

Some girls have thicker eyelashes.

Just paint a mascara after painting the eyeliner.

But for people with less eyelashes,

false eyelashes are a must-have artifact.

Today I have selected some representative false eyelashes for you:wholesale mink lashes

lash vendor

1. Realistic false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes–25mm lashes)

Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship,

high-quality materials, easy to apply makeup,

create a natural and realistic effect for you,

bring comfort, beautiful and generous, with nude makeup effect.

wholesale lash vendors


2. Thick false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes–22mm  lashes)

This is a very thick false eyelash,

naturally crossed, moderate length,

and can effectively fit the eyelashes themselves,

making your eyes glamorous.

mink lashes wholesale

3. Soft false eyelashes (Representative eyelashes–20mm lashes )

The eyes are naturally enlarged to show the elegant and gentle temperament of the girl,

the texture is soft, the length is moderate,

the elasticity is good, the durability is durable,

and it is very practical.

eyelash vendors wholesale

4. Natural false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes–16mm lashes)

Extremely fine-edged hair,

elongated and enlarged your eyes,

create an elegant nude makeup for you,

it is suitable for everyday wear,

enough to achieve a real effect.

Consistent with your own eyelashes.

wholesale mink lashes

5.  Stage – wear false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes–25mm lashes )

By 100% Hand-made,

exquisite and meticulous workmanship, super thick,

a fake eyelash that is very suitable for the stage makeup,

let your eyelashes fill the aura and charm


6. Comfortable false eyelashes(Representative eyelashes–20mm lashes)

Made of imported Siberian mink material, hand-made,

comfortable and silky texture makes you have a pair of brilliant eyes,

a bundle of three, clear roots, very no burd.

lash vendors

Are you ready?!

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You need an anti-allergic glue

False eyelashes are really a magic weapon for women to become beautiful.

Ordinary makeup will look very different when they wear fake eyelashes.

The small-eyed woman with the false eyelashes is instantly enlarged,

wear the lashes u must need the eyelash-glue.

Some people have a stinging feeling when wearing false eyelashes.

The eyelids will be red and swollen after washing their face at night,

and they will still be the same after getting up the next morning.

Some people will never dare to wear false eyelashes after this happens.

In fact, this is only caused by eyelash glue allergy,

only a small number of people will be allergic to glue,

as long as the choice of hypoallergenic glue will not have this problem.

The key to hypoallergenic:

1. The quality of eyelash products

The skin on the eyes is very delicate,

and you should be very cautious when choosing false eyelashes or glue,

especially those who are allergic.

When choosing false eyelashes, you should choose good quality.

You must always remember that there is no good goods at a cheap price. 

Eyelash glue is best to choose anti-allergic or medical grade,

reducing the chance of allergies to false eyelashes.

2. Do a good job of cleaning

In the process of wearing false eyelashes,

hand hygiene is very important,

whether it is wearing false eyelashes or grafting false eyelashes before hand cleaning;

pay attention to the cleaning of eyelash glue bottle mouth,

which is the most susceptible to infection;

Also, the method of storing false eyelashes should be done properly.

When removing makeup at night,

clean the unloaded false eyelashes and blow them dry.

Put it in a box dedicated to eyelashes;

to avoid contamination with bacteria.

3. Don’t rely too much on false eyelashes

The skin of the eye is extremely delicate

and can not sustain the weight of the false eyelashes for a long time,

especially the thick and long false eyelashes;

when worn for a long time, the eyes will be tired and the eyelids will be itchy.

As long as you stop wearing it for a while, you will naturally recover.

Especially those who need to wear contact lenses every day should pay more attention.

4. Verification of allergens

If you are not at ease, you can go to the hospital to do a self-allergen test.

Everyone will be allergic to some foods or items.

If you have tested, you will know more about yourself.

If you have allergies, you can easily find out the problem.

The right medicine.

Regardless of whether you are allergic to eyelash glue,

allergens are cut off immediately.

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Mink lashes, the best alternative of Individual Mink Eyelashes

Mink lashes would be the priciest and lavish appearing of all false eyelashes.

(buy mink lashes to make beauty person )

They’re typically seen as when demanded,

as strip lashes which are employed although accessible as lash extensions.

A set of eyes that are good looking also ignites the look of someone and can talk thousands words.

Bear this in your mind, girls are fond of using

different kinds of manufactured solutions to make an attractive eyes quality.

Wholesale mink lashes price.

Our mink lashes is soft,luxury ,natural and cheaper.

We can provide private customized package,and we can fast delivery.

Our mink lashes is cruelty free,up to wear 25 times,

Hypo-allerganic,sterilized,no chemicals,no dyes,handcrafted .

To the manner scenario, eyelash extensions came in this dread,

improving the look that was iconic that was female.

 Eyelash therefore making an amazing and daring appearances

and may be pasted readily to the eyelid.

Only wearing a constructed clothes and set of shoes aren’t simply enough;

you additionally have to concentrate on facial look.

Mink lashes. Reaching a Natural Appearance.

First thing which stands out with mink eyelash extensions is how amazingly natural they feel and look to the touch. The individual lashes are generated from genuine mink pelt, so even the colour has that rich natural appearance to it. Once used, the lashes are supposed to appear just like yours but thicker, healthier, and longer than in the past.

The mink pelt is gotten in the tail of the creature and in general the Siberian or Chinese mink can be used. Be looking for mink eyelash extensions which can be marked as cruelty-free . This means the mink fake eyelash extensions that you’re buying are sourced in this manner that is moral.

Keep in mind false eyelashes are made in a one-size fits all strategy,

which means you’ll probably wish to reduce the length to accommodate your appearance.

This is really a customized strategy which will help make them appear natural.

Individual lashes are little bunches where you pick, which you can set.

Maybe you do not need false eyelashes across your whole eye,

this is no issue when you use individual eyelashes.

You might decide to put them merely on the ending for that sensational eye catching appearance.


Commonly the mink faux eyelashes are extremely flexible,

which means they hold curl fairly nicely.

They’ll come pre-curled and in a vibrant shiny dark shade.

You are able to add your preferred mascara to permit the false lashes

to combine together with your natural lashes,

providing you an appearance that is perfect.
Making the Pick.

For anybody with drooping eyelids,

the mink lashes that are longer can make them appear younger and better.

Because not everyone have eyelashes typically,

you will discover numerous eyelash items available on the market to do something for them.

Whether you need play or a natural look,

there is a kind of fake eyelash available for everybody.

Even in the event that you have sensitive eyes,

you are able to make your eyelashes look their finest.

Are you ready?!

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Tips to Create a Successful Eyelash Business

custom lash packaging
Why is your 3d mink eyelash business not successful?
Why do you have so many troubles in the process of doing 18mm Siberian Mink Lashes ?
Why did you just fail to do the eyelash business?
How can I make your 25mm lashes business go smoothly?
Why are the eyelashes that you sell to your customers returned by the customer?
Why do the eyelashes you order each time have a different style?
Why do you always like high quality eyelashes and also like low quality prices?
Why are your eyelash customers lost because of the low quality goods you sent?
Why is the quality of the eyelashes free to customers customers?
Why do customers like to buy high quality eyelashes?
What is the product quality trend of customers buying eyelashes now?

Nowadays, the problem with customers who wholesale enamel eyelashes is that
the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable.
Give customers a sample, the quality of large goods is uneven.
The delivery time is unstable, the delivery time guaranteed to the customer,
the customer has carried out the publicity,
and the delivery cannot be delivered on time, and the customer is lost.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Without the ability to update,
the customer’s feelings about the style are always lagging behind,
losing a lot of opportunities to make money in the market.
You don’t update the customer’s style in time.
Once the new product appears in the market,
your customer will soon be lost to the customers of other new products.
The low-quality products will not have innovative styles.
They will only put the lowest quality and pull the price. Low competition

eyelash packaging box

Now that e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products,
everyone knows that products that really make money are always quality products.
Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards.
The beauty is the ultimate. If the beauty is not the ultimate, unnatural, and imperfect,
what else does it paint? Isn’t it better to not make up?
This is the current deviation between suppliers and consumers,
which is the source of your loss to customers.

eyelash packaging

Consumers are looking for good quality eyelashes.
Consumers are not afraid to spend money. If they are willing to spend, they will feel good.
The middlemen will know that low prices,
low prices and low prices will eventually collapse in low price and low quality competition. !


Dear customers, can you understand?
There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy.
Consumers are of a high standard,
and the concept of middlemen cannot keep up with the concept of consumers.

custom lash packagingb

When consumers say that the price is high, the middlemen really think that the price is wrong.
In fact, consumers are willing to do good things.
The problem of eyelashes, especially eyelashes, is particularly serious,
and the perception of the consumer and the middleman is biased.
If you are doing low-cost, low-quality eyelashes,
you don’t have to do anything else all day long,
set up a department to deal with customer returns and product quality complaints, and your cost is high.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints.
You are troubled by these problems every day, time and cost.
Focusing on the sale of the house,
the supplier’s products have no worries,
and focusing on doing things will do better.
To overthrow the logic of the customer,
when our logic must be correct,
it is not necessary to talk about the customer,
but the customer will consider it.

Are you ready?!

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How To Put On 3D Mink Eyelashes For Beginners

How To Put On 3D Mink Eyelashes For Beginners

How To Put On 3D mink  eyelashes For Beginners?

False eyelashes are an indispensable tool for creating perfect eye makeup.

Do you know how to stick 3d mink hair lashes?

Long eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger and more radiant.

Therefore, 3d mink hair lasheshave become a common choice for everyone.

Usually we see that the eyelashes of the stars are beautiful and natural.

This is not the case when we posted it ourselves.

So how do fake eyelashes stick?

Check The Length Of 3d Mink Hair Lashes

Many 3d mink hair lashes are bought and their eye shape and eye length are inconsistent.

Therefore, when using false eyelashes, first use a pair of tweezers to hold the false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes.

If the false eyelashes are longer than their own eyes.

You need to cut the width as long as your eye shape, and the tail of the false eyelash should not exceed your own eyelashes.

Therefore, the false eyelashes come out in the eye for one-fourth of the time, otherwise it will be uncomfortable when the eyes are closed.

Clip Your Own Mink 3d Hair Lashes

Before attaching false eyelashes, you should curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler and then apply mascara,

because your eyelashes are not curled with false eyelashes.

In order to apply false eyelashes, the effect is natural and realistic.

The eyelash curler is curled before the false eyelashes,

and the mascara is also used to help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

Apply Glue To Luxury 3d Mink Lashes

After the eyelashes of your eye are fixed, pick up the prepared false eyelashes with the roots facing up,

then carefully squeeze the glue onto the false eyelashes with the hand without the false eyelashes.

Pay attention to the time when the eyelash glue is squeezed.

Many, otherwise the eyelash glue will flow to the eyelashes.

When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied from the middle to the sides,

so that the eyes and the end of the eye will have more glue, because these two parts are more likely to fall off. 

The better mastering method is to squeeze a little glue, apply a small section, squeeze a little glue, apply a small section,

and repeat until all are covered, the direction is just from the middle to the sides.

Are you ready?!

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Why You Start Your Eyelash Business With Sheaffer Lashes ?

Sheaffer  Lashes is a comprehensive company mink lashes wholesale Vendor and Eyelash Manufacturer with its own design team,

 Own factory and own international trading department!

They constantly learning and improving aesthetics!

 In order to provide new business opportunities, SHEAFFER 3d mink lashes are always keep pace with the trend of the times,

and updating products for customers regularly!

wholesale lashes vendors mink eyelash vendors wholesale

The other mink lash vendor on the market are always after the new style we designed, blindly copying, they have no idea, not to design independently, only copying, no novelty, As their eyelashes design lag,  they can not bring business opportunities for customers in the first time and miss the good valuable business time!

eyelashes vendor wholesale 3d mink lashes

In the Internet age, the winner will get all,time is money, The lagging products lead to missed market opportunities.

In the era of highly developed living standards, good products that can bring different feelings to customers will quickly attract a large number of customers and quickly open the market!

Sheaffer LASHES is precisely based on this idea, Keep innovating mink lashes !

3d mink lashes vendor 25mm lashes wholesale

Sheaffer  mink lashes strip is  100%  hand-made.  In pursuit of nature, raw materials for mink lashes are processed by high technology. Each mink lash hair  is soft and sharp, and has no shiny hair. It is natural and elegant and spiritually. Sheaffer  3d mink Lashes eyeliner is clean and soft without glue overflow. The unique glue technology ensures that the eyeliner can be reused and not broken easily,  Sheaffer  mink lashes kit can be used Repeatedly 20-25 times!

lash vendors wholesale mink eyelashes wholesale

The other eyelashes in the market, Their raw material are not processed technically,The eyelash hair look hard and flashing without any tip. After long time wearing, the eyeliner is easy to break and lose its mink lash hair!

Sheaffer  LASHES unique Stereotype technology ensures the mink lashes with natural and elegant eyelash shape. After immersion in dry water, the eyelashes will return to normal.

best 3d mink lash vendors wholesale 25mm mink lashes

Otherwise ,mink Eyelash products on the market look stiff, Feel overgrown with weeds, irregular, If repeated wearing or soaked in water, The eyelashes can not be restored to the original.

mink lashes wholesale vendors vendor for lashes

Sheaffer  LASHES workers are carefully selected at least 2 years of experience, careful, conscientious, patient is the basic quality of each of our workers, unified training of workers to ensure that the quality of goods is stable, timely delivery! SHEAFFER mink lashes vendor  can give you a very high reputation in a short time.

3d mink eyelash vendors bulk mink lashes

However, the workers used by the suppliers in the market do not have unified management training. The samples given to the customers are all purchases of our good products. After the customers confirm, they find some poor workers to do it. The level of workers is uneven, which can not guarantee the stability of the quality of large goods, nor can the delivery date be guaranteed. This leads to the failure of customers to get the goods in time when the market demand is the most demanding.

lashes wholesale vendors wholesale lashes

Sheaffer  LASHES in line with your difficulties is our difficulties, your success is our success, WIN-WIN BUSINESS, Mutual Benefit , DIOR mink lashes vendor is willing to work with you to create more brilliant enterprise!

Are you ready?!

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