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                                                       ♣ Who We Are? ♣

Qingdao Sheaffer Lashes vendor dedicates itself to providing high quality silk lashes products for those who are seeking quality faux mink lashes to enhance their looks.Wholesale Silk lashes Mink Eyelashes and all 3D lashes

Founded in 2005, Sheaffer Lashes produces and sells a wide range of 3d lashes products, United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries, Chinese silk eyelashes and all kinds of 3d lashes and mink lashes. We provide quality faux mink eyelashes along with top lines of beauty products.

We also have cheap mink lashes, mink eyelash extensions, horse hair lashes etc, they are products with same quanlity,but the design and the material is different.If you want know more Please continue reading.

                                      ♣ High Quality Eyelashes Worthy Of Trust ♣

The use of high-quality synthetic synthetic fiber imported from South Korea, handmade, rather than using a machine, can ensure that each pair of eyelashes has the same shape. With the most top designers in China, we have designed the most popular styles and become the explosive products on the market.

                                  ♣ Synthetic Lashes Advantages And Features ♣

The faux mink lashes have adopted the special technology and workmanship to achieve the unique effect. Such style of silk lashes is completely made by hand, which adds to the uniqueness of the 3D multi-layered silk bright eyelashes. Compared with the common man made eyelashes, the faux mink lashes look the same natural and soft as the 3D mink lashes. This is the most distinct advantage of the 3D silk eyelashes.

As a result, the silk lashes retained the equivalent comfortable feature as the 3D mink lashes. All these distinguished features contribute the extensive popularity all across the world ever since the debut of the 3D silk  eyelashes. Thus, there is no doubt the 3D silk eyelashes will lead a new fashion trend worldwide. No matter where you are, either in the romantic city as Paris, or the magic metropolis New York, or even the modern Asian city as Dubai, Doha, you will find faux mink lashes are everywhere you go. Thus, such 3D silk eyelashes will be one of your optimal choices in life. Private label/OEM service is available as well, please let feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

                              ♣ Wholesale Silk Lashes The Most Reasonable Price ♣

Even if we import from South Korea, using the best synthetic fiber materials, the most time spent manually, we will not charge the highest price, because we know that some people like our eyelashes is the most important, so we will choose The most reasonable price will bring you the most value. For the sale of eyelashes, we do not have the minimum order quantity. We are open to both individual buyers and silk lashes wholesalers. We respect every purchaser and enjoy the same quality service regardless of the quantity you purchase. Our price  are also unified and will not be quoted indiscriminately. For details of the price, please click here. You will find what you want.

                                                 ♣ Our Other Services ♣

1.Is there a customized service?

We can provide customized services, you can send your favorite synthetic lashes styles, or your synthetic lashes design drawings to us, we can re-customize your own eyelashes, and you can also choose the thickness of our silk eyelashes, these are It can be customized, so don’t worry we don’t have the eyelash style you like, you can order it for you if you want.

2.How to prove that product quality is the best?

You can go to the market and buy a pair of silk eyelashes. Compare it with our eyelashes. You will find that we use cotton stalks and edible glue to make the lashes of the lashes more soft, and our eyelashes are Not afraid of water, you can wash it with water and it can be reused. Compared with other products, the band are hard and can only be used once, which is not so comfortable to wear. So dear believe us, it is right to choose us.

3.About the 3d lashes package

If you only want to order our eyelashes, don’t worry, we will  give the eyelashes a closed package, and will not cause the eyelashes to be damaged. These are free and will not cost you extra.

Of course, if you like our packaging and want to customize the box of your own brand, we can also design it for you. Just send us your logo and we will pick the box that suits you. Once you are sure everything is Ok, we will produce it for you and deliver it to you in the shortest possible time.

4.Is there a free sample?

We can provide free samples, so if you are not comfortable with the high-volume ordering, you can try our samples first, and it is ok to see our quality and then purchase.

5.What can our eyelashes bring to the eyelash market?

Manufacturers and frontiers with unique design styles and high quality product quality trends

6.What can our eyelashes bring to the user?

Will bring beautiful, confident and beautiful, will enhance your temperament.

7.What can our eyelash points bring to the wholesaler?

Continuous ordering, creating an indispensable product for the brand, and will bring you a loyal repeat customer

                                                            ♣ About Delivery ♣

Once you have confirmed the order and paid, if you need a small quantity of products, we will ship it to you within 24 hours. If you are ordering goods in bulk or custom products, we will give you according to your quantity delivery in the shortest time, and we will have DHL UPS and FedEx, you can choose the delivery method you want to use.

About after sales

When the product reaches your hand, if you find any quality problems, or if you don’t like this style, please rest assured that we support the return service, we will take the most reasonable measures to give you a perfect shopping experience.

                                                           ♣ Contact US ♣

If interesting our 3d lashes,want to try to increase your own beauty and enhance your temperament and confidence, please feel free to contact us.

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