3D Silk Eyelashes

Our lashes provide the hot sell 3D Silk Eyelashes to our customer .The synthetic fiber we used is imported material.Our products are strictly sterilized and give you more at ease use.The design of this series is multi-layered and it looks more natural.
Product Name: 3D silk eyelashes
Eyelash Material: Premium Synthetic Fiber
Brand Name: OEM
Service Life: 20 times to 25 times
Color: Black
Package: Plastic tray or customized package
MOQ: 1Pairs
Craft: It was totally handmade
Sample: Available
Payment method: Paypal and T/T ,Western Union and Alipay.
We always give top priority to product safety. The entire chemical we sold has a material safety data sheet (MSDS). We will provide it when customer purchased our glue, coating sealant, primer coating and remover. Customers can be at ease use our products.
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3D Silk Eyelashes – A Guide To These Fabulous Beauty Accessories

There are 2 main types of 3D Silk Eyelashes that are available to buy both on the high street and online. These are strip 3D Silk Eyelashes and individual false eyelashes. Strip false lashes are generally more popular than individual ones, as they are quicker to apply. Individual lashes have to be glued to each eyelash you want to lengthen. They do however last a lot longer than strip lashes.
False eyelashes are worn by teenagers and women of all ages (and in some cases men too!) The style of lash depends on both the person and the occasion. Some lashes are far too extreme for daytime wear and are often saved for parties or special occasions.
Why wear 3D Silk Eyelashes? Not all women are blessed with luscious long lashes and look to other ways of lengthening their own. They can draw more attention to your eyes. 3D Silk Eyelashes can make your own lashes look fuller, but this depends on the thickness of the falsies. Other people who wear false eyelashes do so to make a statement…and boy are some eyelashes eye-catching! Some are super long and thick, while others are luminous in colour.

If you have never tried these beauty accessories before, it is advisable to start with ones that are shorter in length, as they can take some getting useful. Girls With Attitude have a range called Shorties that are designed for everyday wear and are more natural looking than other eyelashes on the market. These lashes are designed for an instant eye lift.
False eyelashes are applied with special lash adhesive, which usually comes in the box with them. This can however be purchased separately. Simply compare the width of the lash band with your own lashes and snip off any excess. Using tweezers hold the 3D Silk Eyelashes and apply a small amount of eyelash glue along the band. It is really important to ensure that the glue becomes tacky before applying them. This usually takes around 30 seconds. Place the lash as near to your own lash line as possible and press down from the inner to outer corner of your eyes. Hold until they set.
With Christmas on the way, 3D Silk Eyelashes are great stocking fillers. Not only do they fit in a stocking, they are also affordable. Girls can get ‘glammed up’ for the party season with a pair of lashes too. For more ideas and styles, check out the stunning range of false eye lashes presented by Girls with Attitude.

What You Need To Know About Caring For 3D Silk Eyelashes.

If you have ever looked in the mirror and felt that your 3D Silk Eyelashes just won’t do, then you have probably looked into purchasing a pair of false eyelashes. You should take your time to properly apply your false lashes; you should also take care when storing your false eyelashes.
Before you jump right in and purchase the first pair of lashes you come across you should think about their quality and value for money, it is important that if you want to get the most use out of your false eyelashes you invest in a quality pair. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to empty your wallet, but you should stay well away from the 10 pairs of lashes box deal. Stick to tried and well-known brands. If you’re in doubt about which eyelashes to buy, going down to your department store is always a good bet.
It is a common belief that wearing mascara with your eyelashes is the way to go. In some cases, it is believed that using mascara with the false lashes will help blend them in with your 3D Silk Eyelashes, this is true but if you want to re wear your lashes, it always best not to use mascara.
Never under any circumstances use oil-based makeup remover to remove your makeup. Everyone loves the ease of which oil-based makeup removers work magic on removing your makeup. However, these heavy-duty makeup removers also damage your 3D Silk Eyelashes by coating them in oil.
Clean your false lashes before placing them back into their packaging. Place them on a clean surface such as your bathroom counter and add a few drops of water. A few minutes of water soaking can help remove the glue and dirt from your worn lashes. This will ultimately help extend their life.

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Always store your 3D Silk Eyelashes in a safe place. It is recommended that you keep the original packaging to protect your false lashes against dust, flies and other forms of bacteria. When you leave your lashes on your vanity or bathroom counter they can become damaged and therefore un-wearable. Even if believe that “what you don’t see can’t hurt you”, don’t try it with something as sensitive as your eyes. Quality eyelashes will come on a curve shaped box for easy storage, which you can reuse over and over again.
Buying quality false eyelashes is only part of the package deal. You need to be aware of how to properly care for your false eyelashes in order to extend their life expectancy. A pair of well taken care of lashes can last you anywhere from 1 week to a few months.
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